LeTrinh Hoang, D.O.
Holistic, Integrative
Osteopathic Physician
Chronic Pain Consultant
Excruciating headaches often lead to an MRI where there is a finding of “Arnold-Chiari.” Search the conventional treatment approach, and you will find that it is horrifying and barbaric. They cut out pieces of skull from the foramen magnum. No thanks!

My take is this: you lived all you life and didn’t have it; you get excruciating headaches and now they find it. And the answer is cutting stuff out? The opening wasn’t tight before and it is now. So what happened in between? Accidents & injuries during a full life, accumulated and now tangled up, coupled with aging & wear & tear of the body that cause a problem.

My treatment philosophy is that Arnold-Chiari is a FASCIAL DRAG problem.
My treatment protocol includes:
1. Osteopathic treatment to precisely reduce vectors of past traumas, layer by layer
2. Some major areas of injury will require prolotherapy or PRP to reduce drag on the lumbar spine
3. EMF discussion & recommendations to reduce EMFs in the sleep & home environment

I am now excited to offer a VIP 2 week treatment program for Arnold-Chiari.
1. I put you up in my AirBnB in Pasadena, Ca
2. I’m most excited about eliminating your exposure to (unbeknownst to you) harmful EMFs
3. Osteopathy-structural 2x/wk; energetic 3x/wk as needed
4. Prolotherapy as needed
5. Clean food-No junk, no sugar allowed
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