LeTrinh Hoang, D.O.
Holistic, Integrative
Osteopathic Physician
Chronic Pain Consultant
According to gov statistics the current rate of autism is 1 in 36. The causes are multifactorial. My Autism Protocol incorporates safe therapies that ensure that parents & patients see sustained results at every step. The vaccine injured children, of course, are more complex and will require specific homeopathic detoxifications depending on the offending cause. The more toxic the load straining the body, the longer the process. My definition of Autism Recovery is very simple: 1. The child sleeps well 2. The child is happy and 3. The child makes friends; These 3 milestones encapsulate the development of a normal child and confirm the rightness of the path forward for permanent recovery. We all get very excited when we see this.
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