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As the young child’s brain & nervous system is developing any injury or exposure along the way that causes gut and/or brain, and or systemic inflammation can impinge upon normal development. Upon what period and what kind of injury can derail my child’s development? Here is my extensive set of questions I ask all new patients:

Maternal Medical & Pelvic Trauma History BEFORE pregnancy:
1. Falls to the tailbone from sports- usually leads to first baby being “high” & “failing to progress” during labor; especially insidious are falls in the first month BEFORE
2. Car accidents in general, depending on how bad, can cause period problems or fertility issues and will contribute to issues in pregnancy & delivery; Specifically, T-bone car accidents w/passenger side impact WILL cause CHOLESTASIS in pregnancy if the accident is bad enough
3. Prior abdominal or pelvic surgeries will scar up the abdominal contents & cause tightness & stretch issues during pregnancy

Prenatal - most MDs (& even great DOs) pediatricians and OBs do not consider stressors in the fetal period of development as contributory to, if not causative of, neurodevelopmental delays.
1. Hyperemesisi gravidarum-just ‘normal’ morning sickness
2.Braxton-Hicks-preterm contractions
3. Vaccines for Mom- please just don’t do it; there are zero randomized placebo controlled trials to prove safety for pregnant women; its a roll of the dice at a casino-good luck

Perinatal - bed rest is a bad sign which means that there is too much chaos & extra care is required to prevent bad things from happening

Delivery & Birth Trauma
1. Long labor, back labor
2. Long period of pushing
3. Suction
4. Forceps
5. Pitocin - an association to autism PMID: 27511908
6. C-section is a double whammy-poor gut flora colonization AND the electrocautery knife is used 100% of CSs which is an electrical event; according to doctors & scientists from the Czech Republic a singular “electrical event reduces that body’s resistance so that it becomes a better conductor” for the next electrical event (Marha, K. Electromagnetic Fields and the Life Environment)

Infant & Toddler Trauma- CONTRIBUTORY, not causative
1. Falls off- crib, swing, stroller, walk, changing table, couch & bed-I’ve seen it all
2. Gut Dysbiosis from antibiotics
3. Infections/Hospitalizations
4. V@ccines

If yes to any of this, we should have a serious discussion about a slow/or NO vaccine schedule. Now to the protocol:

1. Reduce gut & brain inflammation immediately-the patient sleeps better same day, becomes calmer, behavior improved over the course of the week
2. We add supplements to nourish the malnourished body -more improvement
3. We talk about the home EMF environment that is impinging on cellular repair
4. Osteopathic treatment to balance the body & reduce the vector of injury
5. Homeopathic LDA to activate the immune system-more eye contact & more talking

Without v@ccines as a variable, most parents see steady improvement of #1-5 on a WEEKLY basis. These are very joyous times.
With a visible past v@ccine reaction, we add #6 Homeopathic detoxification
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