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Since the 1970’s researchers discovered a cancer cluster of childhood leukemia around power lines. This sparked further studies that were quietly done across the world. With our increasingly wired world, more medical doctors are acknowledging chronic dieseases and problems caused by EMFs. New fields of study opened up in electrophysiological studies, building biology, environmental medicine, vibrational and energy medicine.

The human body is an enclosed electromagnetic-mechanical system. When we walk, live, eat and breath around multiple fields, our field becomes altered. Fields that overlap can affect each other can harmonize (rare) or disrupt (more common) and cause long term changes.

Government: The vast bureaucratic machinery filled with people that are fallible, naive, and corruptible for allowing, causing or looking away as people are harmed by increasing EMFs.

The research is available for you to find and discover for yourself. There are studies, books, organizations with knowledge and information from researchers, ex-industry insiders that will show you the hidden dangers around us. Below is a short list of recommended readings to start you off:

Dirty Electricity by Samuel Milham, MD- quick intro to deadliest EMF in the home; his website is chock full of info too.

The Body Electric by Robert O. Becker, MD-lots of info-leisure reading

To begin your healing from EMF injury, I first recommend that you use capacitor filter plugs in your sleeping environment if you cannot afford the whole kit; I only recommend Stezter plugs, meter and kit. More information can be found at www.stetzerelectric.com
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