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Common Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury
Patients who suffer traumatic brain injury are those people whose body and cranium endured horrendous trauma and survived. The problem is that once you are discharged from the hospital, you are still not right.

Several residual problems that they do not solve for you include: emotional lability, personality changes, headache, body pains, poor sleep, visual disturbance, altered sensations, seizures. Of course they can never return the amnesia of the event.

Patients who come out of a coma, absolutely need, need, cranial osteopathic treatment to get them back right in the head.

hi hilary,

i knew he would sleep like a baby!

believe it or not, we did a lot of work... i tend to be a little heavier with my hands and i pretty much eased up my style for Ron (by about 50%) because he was so dire. i tend to do more to try and get bang for the buck for my patients.

he will see that dr. d and colleagues will even be more subtle. the really great ones (i consider myself pretty good - i need another 15 years to be 'great') do less but get more. it will be up to Ron to determine who's Kung Fu style he prefers to get him better faster. In our professional lifetime of study, my goal (often lofty but unattainable) as the student is always to surpass the masters in what another patient calls our Jedi Arts. Ha-ha.

please keep us updated,

letrinh hoang, d.o.
osteopathic physician
holistic pediatrician

--- On Tue, 8/10/10, snoopy wrote:

From: snoopy
Subject: Re: [b] post accident chiropractor and warning about night jogging ... UPDATE!
To: b@ yahoogroups. com
Date: Tuesday, August 10, 2010, 8:51 AM

I just thought I would update here on the board

We called the DO Dr Letrinh Hoang recommended but he was out of town for two weeks and she kindly offered to see my husband herself on and emergency basis same day.

I was allowed in the room during his treatment and I could actually see blood returning to his face after about 25 minutes.

Well ... This is the funny part! This morning after the longest sleep he's had in two weeks (woke only once) he got up and said:

"I don't know what that woman did to me yesterday but she's welcome to feel me up any time!"

Thank you Dr. Hoang! Ron wants to continue with treatments and if this is how good you are - he can't wait to see Dr. D!

Yay to a day with a slightly less cranky man!


Thank you so much for your reply. He was, honestly, a sarcastic cynical obnoxious jerk before ... now just more so. He never snapped at the baby before this and he had a sense of humour to counterbalance and that is all gone!

He seems to be trying to avoid being left alone with her at all costs because he knows he is being a huge jerk. I chalk some of his poor demeanor up to the fact he hasn't run or exercised for 11 days and he was a 35 - 60 mile / week runner before. He even has "athletic heart" condition with a resting heart rate in the 30s.

I will call Dr. D., I really suspect that PT is going to be better than Chiro at this juncture. I'm nervous to open any new "cans of worms" until we know for sure the brain injury is healed. another thing occurred to me today and that is that a lot of the body aches could well be the result of being tied to the bed (he was double restrained for 3 days as "combative") and he had an xray Friday we still don't know the results of on his foot.

He also, ironically, doesn't like being touched and has never had a massage in his life. It is going to be a tough case.

thanks again!


On Aug 7, 2010, at 4:37 PM, letrinh hoang wrote:

the personality changes in your husband sounds quite pathological; especially if he was, prior to the accident a calm, mild, manner person. emotional lability is evidence of traumatic brain injury...

be very careful that whatever chiro you take him to...no cracking...his whole body and his brain has been thrown about and that is traumatic force...massage with not undo this...you will see...his body is so shaken that anybody doing anything not right will drastically affect both his pain and (sorry to say) personality. watch with an eagle eye. very likely his sleep is disturbed. it is very recent and all this can be reversed; changes do not set in permanently until months...

take him to dr. d. he has helped one of our BB's child, helped mine too. he was past president of the CA. teaches advanced coursework for osteopathic physicians. FYI, advanced CA coursework is only open to MDs, DO, and DDSs (even with that they are pretty strict prerequisites; they checked and double checked me so thorooughly, i was expecting a body search for one of his classes); this stuff is not taught/shared with chiros, PTs, massage people, and not even craniaosacral therapists.

good luck to you and him,

letrinh hoang, d.o.
osteopathic physician
holistic pediatrician

On Sat, Aug 7, 2010 at 3:18 PM, Snoopy wrote:

Hello Mamas,

10 days ago my husband got hit by a car while jogging late at night with headphones on. He had the right of way (light was green) but the little red hand was flashing according to witnesses. Anybody who jogs late at night needs to be 10X more careful to watch for vehicles because people just aren't paying attention at all and cars ... well they win fights with puny humans!

I am hoping somebody might have a great recommendation for a post accident chiropractor as he is in a huge amount of pain now. At the time the docs were so concerned about his brain injury that nobody paid attention to the body at all, no major bones were broken but he is feeling worse by the day. I'm thinking of taking him to Dr. B's office Monday but was wondering if anybody had a doctor they particularly like for this sort of thing.

His mood is also absolutely terrible and really difficult to deal with. If it were just the two of us I could ignore him or tell him I will be with him when he acts reasonable but he keeps yelling at the baby and taking things she is playing with and throwing them across the room. Not randomly but with disproportionate anger. For example she was hitting him in the legs with her push around car and he suddenly grabbed it and pushed it away. I'm not sure how to deal with this. I know he is in a lot of pain but him yelling at the baby is just not okay with me. I am exhausted caring for her the whole time and trying to run intervention. Trying to say anything to him is not working. I am trying to be sympathetic but he is doing so much complaining it is hard to feel any pity at all! Any sage words?


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