LeTrinh Hoang, D.O.
Holistic, Integrative
Osteopathic Physician
Chronic Pain Consultant
Head Trauma
Back Pain and Severe Head Trauma
Nikki came to me for back pain. She heard about me from a co-worker. She dilly-dallied for a whole summer before she finally dragged herself into my office. We subsequently talk about how she wasted all that time…At the end of the first visit, I told her that her back was easily treatable (it would only require one visit), but I felt a lot of head, neck and upper back problems that needed to be addressed. What happened? She was involved in a motor vehicle accident over 40 years ago. She hit the steering wheel, broke her jaw and it had to be wired for 6 months. I told her that her head was turned to the right when she hit. She confirmed it and thought I made a lucky guess. I treated her for about 4 months and she responded well.
Total visits: 10
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