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Another ‘Miracle’ Case
Another ‘Miracle’ Case
accident. Her car spun out and hit a wall. Her whole left side hit the driver's door. Her head hit the window several times. Six months later, she slipped in the shower, fell and broke her tailbone, her coccyx. Her journey begins...

I consider her very fortunate to have found me so soon. Most people are not that lucky.

This is an email she wrote to family and friends. She gave this to me to publish and share with those suffering in pain. I'm not too comfortable with the "miracle" part...

February 20, 2009

Dear All My Family and Friends,

I am writing to you all because I have found a Doctor who performed a Miracle on me in 1 hour. I have been through 5 surgeries, physical therapy 3 times a week since November 7 2008, I have used an ass pillow that is bright red and looks like an inner tube it has been glued to my ASS for 6 months. The pain to sit down was absolutely excruciating. Even lying on my bed I used a softer version of my bright Red Ass Pillow. I have been assaulted by Doctors, Physical Therapists in every orifice, except my ears. I have a Neurologist, 2 Spinal Orthopedic Surgeons, and a Primary Doctor all who are great and now I have a Doctor who has performed a MIRACLE.

After I became incontinent of my bowel and bladder every doctor seemed to actually "listen" to what was going on. Thank God, I am a Nurse, know many people at Huntington Hospital and have great insurance. Within a week, I saw my Primary Doctor who sent me for an MRI and referred me for a 2nd Orthopedic Surgeon for a second opinion. This Orthopedic Surgeon from the results of the MRI, sent me for a Bone Scan, referred me to see a neurologist because of the incontinence, and sent me to my OB/GYN because in the MRI they found "fluid in my cul de sac," which he thought maybe was causing pressure in my spine.(I saw the 2nd Orthopedic Doctor on a Tuesday with Gigi Grace and Kris.)

On Wednesday I saw my own Orthopedic Doctor who immediately got me into see a Neurologist the following day Thursday. On Thursday Kris, Gigi, and I started our day by going to Huntington (10:30) and I got injected with radioactive dye for my bone scan and then we had to return in 2 hours for the actual bone scan because the dye had to go through my entire blood stream and tissues ("It was probably so wonderful for my body to have this in it!") From there we went to the Neurologist, who was great. She gave me a list of 6 more new things to do. We then went back to Huntington to get the Bone Scan. From there we went to my OB/GYN. Literally, we were all exhausted, I had no more tears to cry after this day.

I am very grateful to have Kris and Gigi to be there with me. One of the 6 things my Neurologist had wanted me to do was to go see a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and her reason was, "I don't know exactly what she does, but maybe she has other advice that can help too."

I truly in my head was thinking, "Oh Fuck, another Fucking Doctor, I am so done with all these Doctors and Medications!" But I ended up making an appointment this past Friday the 13th with Dr. LeTrinh Hoang. I was doing it because I wanted to follow through with everything my Neurologist had wanted do. So Grandma drove me in the rain to Arcadia which on that day was a good 30-40 minutes. In my mind I thought were going here 1 time to conform with my Neurologist's 6 items.

So we went in, I had all my medical history typed up because I got so sick of remembering dates, Doctors, Medications, etc. In the paperwork it is so much easier when filling out all the paperwork to write , "see attached".

I was in a lot of pain from the drive, and I took no pain medicine because I wanted her to see how bad the spasms were, and so I could truly feel whatever she was going to do. This Doctor from the moment she shook my hand, had an aura or peacefulness like no other Doctor has ever had. We went into a room which had a massage type table. It was not your typical, "hard paper bed" that crunched every time you moved and I didn’t need to put on a gown. She told me "if you want I noticed in the waiting room you were in a lot of pain, you can lay down on the bed, whatever makes you comfortable."

At this point my PAIN literally HUMBLES me and I Conform to it. I have no problem lying on my stomach just to get off my feet and off my ass. She first talked to me and then kind of grazed over my medical history. She then dimmed the lights, I turned on my back and she placed her hands under my sacrum and all of a sudden involuntarily my legs began to twitch and twist. I wasn't scared because I have been through so much, I am open to anything. She went from my coccyx bone to the top of my head. She was just gently touching my entire spine. Grandma was watching everything, and the entire time her/Dr. eyes remained closed like she was meditating or something.

At one point I told her, her hands felt like magnets. My entire body moved involuntarily my hips kept shifting and I said, "I am moving all over this bed." She replied in a soft voice, "your body is just trying to find its way back to its normal state. Just let it all go." During this session Grandma can tell you, both my legs went up in the air like I was going to flip over involuntarily. Dr. Hoang's edit - this is what she means about involuntarily 'flipping.' [Video]

So let me get to the point, at the end of my 1 hour session I SAT ON MY ASS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN SIX MONTHS WITH NO PAIN! You have no idea what it felt like to feel my ass sitting on it with no pain. I was in shock, she is a TRUE HEALER! I would recommend anyone to go see her. GOD runs through her. I am not into miracles, but she truly performed a miracle. My body did feel like I did a really hard workout, but again she only touched me with her hands along my back, spine, and head.

I hugged her because I just couldn’t believe I was sitting on my ass! Grandma even was in shock at what I was doing. She went from saying, "this is just too far to drive" to "we’ll see you next week."

That night I took that RED ASS PILLOW and threw it way up in my closet. I was scared though, thinking this can't be true and it can't last. But I can still sit on my ass with NO PAIN! I sat "Indian style" with Megan on the floor. I said "look Megan Mommy is sitting Indian style on her butt." She in return said, "No Mommy your sitting Kriss Cross Applesauce." My 3 1/2 year old daughter knew the NEW term for "Indian style. I didn't care, because I was sitting "KRISS CROSS APPLESAUCE WITH NO PAIN!"

If anyone wants to e-mail me or just call me at home 818-558-6552 or 818-632-6552 is my cell so if you have Verizon its free. I TRULY, TRULY KNOW SHE CAN HELP ANYONE WITH PAIN!! THE TRULY WONDERFUL THING ABOUT HER IS, SHE BELIEVES AND DOES NOT WANT YOU TO SEE HER ALL THE TIME, HER JOY IS YOU ONLY NEED HER A FEW TIMES AND SHE HEALS YOU!!!! I know that sounds really crazy, but please just see her. It has changed my life, you have no idea (it sounds crazy) how great it feels to feel Grandma's car seat on my ass.

Kris and I went to dinner that night and I didn't bring my red ass pillow. We did request a booth because of the cushioned seat. As I went to sit down I was apprehensive, but I sat down in that booth and it felt so good. Just to feel my ass on the cushion in the booth, to actually be sitting there after 6 months. I want to cry as I write this, actually, I have tears in my eyes.

It is a MIRACLE! I will stop writing. I pray with ALL MY HEART if you have pain call her. She takes health insurance she is a Doctor, not a Chiropractor, but a real Doctor with Gods Hands.

So please feel free to call me or e-mail me with any questions. Feel free to forward this to anyone you know who can benefit from her. So I send this WITH ALL MY LOVE to anyone suffering in PAIN or who knows anyone, please be open minded. Love to you all!!!! Joslynn

PS. Sorry for any misspellings etc. I just wanted to get this out to ALL OF YOU !!!

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