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Osteopathic Physician
Chronic Pain Consultant
Most conventional docs Rx steroids for eczema. Did you know that chronic use of steroids over time thins out the skin? We are taught that it’s a genetic tendency disorder. That the immune system is overactive. Well…it may have all been LIES…that this is not a permanent lifetime problem to be ‘managed,’ (they would love that wouldn’t they?), rather we can clean it all up within 6 months

I am finding that:
1. Gut microbiome imbalance from C-sectioned babies is disturbed; by the time the skin is itchy & rashy, supplementation with probiotics is not enough! I do 1 osteopathic treatment to get the excess charge out of the body & kick start the body’s balancing rhythm back
2. Candida-if i suspect the candida yeast is waaay too out of balance, I will prescribe a very safe, non-toxic Rx
3. I will do a homeopathic low dose allergy oral drop every 6 wks for 3 doses total to fine tune the immune system
4. I mix a topical w/minerals & nutrients to calm down the itchiness for dramatic overnight

Fifteen minutes after apply my topical solution, this baby’s angry red cheek seems to calm down by 5%. Do you see it?
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