Spinal Stenosis and Parathesias

Fernando has lived with pain for 11years.  He injured his lower back on the job and
subsequently had back fusion surgery (L4-L5-S1).  His functional capacity in the lower back is
rated at 45%.  Clearly, his surgery was not a very good cure, much less treatment.  Four
years later, after 2 work related motor vehicle accidents, he started to have numbness and
tingling of both hands. His worker’s comp doctors recommended surgery.  In 2000, his neck
was “opened up” at C3-C4-C5.  Two years later, his L hand was cut open (2002).  The next
year, they operated on his L shoulder (2003).  In 2004, they operated on his L elbow.   He still
had numbness and tingling in both hands.  Now, they are recommending surgery for his right
hand even though he has not shown any improvement in the other arm.  He refuses.  FA
found me through his co-worker Patricia who is a patient and the mother of Magdelena (the
above cases).  The numbness is now almost completely resolved after 2months. Total visits: 7