Peds Photo Gallery
This is Charlotte, she is 3mo old.  She was born after
18hrs of labor on pitocin, an IV med that causes
strong contractions. She was colicky and screamed
for 4-5hrs a day.  Her parents took her to the ER twice
only to be sent home w/o answers or any form of
treatment. They consented to photos and cranial
osteopathic treatment;40 min after her first treatment,
her occiput is nice and round. By 9 mo, her head is
normal. She needed about 8 treatments
Suprya is 3.5mo. She screamed 3-4hrs a day.  With a head that severely molded and stuck, is it possible
that she is in pain?  The infant brain is trying to exponentially expand against a stuck, less compliant
cranium. It has to hurt like a headache. 1wk after her first tx, her head appears more round.  Parents noticed
that she is less fussy on the first night of her head treatment.  Note also the increased hair growth. By 9 mo,
the back of her head behind the ears and at the base has rounded out nicely. She only need 3 treatments.
Compare Leanna who came to me very late.  
At this 1st visit, she is 7mo.  She is so
severely molded, noticeable change is seen
only  in the rounded forehead.  The flattened
occiput will require more time and treatment.  
She still has "fussy moments."
Colic - is pain. Colic is headache. Colic is compression of the infant skull in a small window of time between
24-48hrs in a vaginal birth or being stuck or wedged in the womb.  Early latching and suckling allows for some
decompression and expansion.
40 minutes later
More infant head photos
More infant head photos
Before - note the pointy head
tilted, almost thrown back.
9 months later
Before - from above the back is
very flat and the neck has to be
Daniela  is a twin whose head was quite compressed in
utero.  Her brother sat on her.  She was upside down
with her head wedged all the way down low in her
mom's pelvis. Total visits: 25