More infant head photos
Here my Kathleen is at 1wk, 2mo, and 3.5months.  If
untreated she may develop a cone shaped head.  She is
very compressed up front.  The forehead is not as high, it is
very flat and sloped.  Note the bluish veins at the middle of
her head.  
This is Miles.  His first visit was on 12-31-08 on the right. He
is 6 months and I consider this late treatment. Note that he is
calm and yet the network of scalp veins is quite prominent.  

Labor was 24hrs on pitocin.  He is severely compressed.  
His L ear always gets infected and then perforates every 2
wks.  His problem is not the chronic ear infections.  His
problem is
drainage.  Before they found me, they were
looking for an ENT specialist to put in ear tubes (to drain it
externally) but were refused.

The next week, I treat him again.  He is screaming and note
the network of veins that distend.  

After the 3rd treatment, note the fullness and rounding at
the base of the skull behind the ear.  The veins are less
distended, less bluish and are sunken in (and this is the bad
side).  This is the first time his eardrum did not perforate.
With her head shaved, the veins are quite prominent.  In this
photo at 4months, the area in front of the large vein above
the brow and temple are sunken and pressed in.  The head
grows as the brain grows and pushes out against the plates
of bone that form the skull.  The front of her head appears
sloped.  This is because she is still stuck and compressed.
On this visit, the L ear is pristine; the eardrum did not
rupture and it is without infection.  At this point we can
taper out his visits to every other or every third week, it
just depends on him.  
This is KP my newest patient.  At 6mo he slipped off the bed and fell flat on the top of his head.  Since then, he only sleeps
1.5hrs at a time, wakes up and cries and sleeps.  Altered structure alters function.  Two days after the first treatment, he slept
5 hours straight; the following day, his sleep disorder resumed.  By the 3rd treatment, he is sleeping in 3hr spurts.  In the far
right photo, the forehead is higher and fuller.  Parents and visiting friends noticed the change and commented on it and
because of that, dad is less skeptical.
This is Ava. When she was 9 months
old an iron fell on her head.  I undo
traumatic injury.  By addressing the
compression injury on her skull, note
the changes in her facial structure and
the tension in between the eyes.
This is Rachel.  She is autistic.  Note
the lack of focus and clarity in her
eyes.  After several cranial osteopathic
treatments, when we decrease the
tensions in her head, she can focus a
little better.
This is Ricky.  His mom asked me to treat his chronic
constipation.  He has bowel movements every 4 to 7
days.  His traumas include multiple falls and rolls as an
infant. It took about 6 visits to help make his BMs more
frequent, every other day.  After his mother mentioned
a rear end collision car accident when he was 18
months old, it took me 2 more visits to undo the
whiplash in his intestines.  His BMs are now daily and
easy.  After this visit, as he got up, his mom noticed
that his face looked different.  I regretted not having
taken the initial pre-treatment photo.  She mentioned
she had a recent photo of him on her phone from the
prior week.  Note how sharp and pointy his chin is.  
Once I freed up his traumatic injuries, he is freer in his
face and chin.