The “miracle” case

Lucia is 18 years old when I meet her and start house calls.  She has been bedridden
for 6months.  She started with R leg pain when she was 16yrs old.  She went from
limping, to crutches, to wheelchair in 2yrs.  Lucia was very active.  She was the
cheerleader that they threw up in the air, but sometimes missed catching.  She had
numerous falls on her back, neck, and head.  She also had numerous snowboarding,
skateboarding and bike injuries.  She went to 6 different MD’s (2 orthopedic, 1
neurologist, 1 rheumatologist, 1 internist, 1 pain management -this is the same MD who
kept injecting my vertebral compression fracture case).  They all wrote “possible RSD?”
on her chart.  The parents noticed it, googled, and found an RSD support group.  The
support group, said, “yes, yes, Lucia, you have RSD.  You need to see our ‘world
famous RSD specialist.’” Three surgeries later, she had a nerve stimulator in her back
and hip.  He did not have answers or treatment for her neck pain, headaches, eye pain,
arm, shoulder, and wrist pain; she had a 'team' to help her 'cope' . But he had the
answer for the leg. Only now she cannot even walk.  You would think that if a piece of
equipment did not do the job it was designed to do, it would make sense that most
people would turn it off.  Apparently, they tried but the specialist yelled at her to keep it
on.  On physical examination, her whole lumbar muscles were in SPASM.  I turned it off
and felt low grade spasm from all that old trauma, surgery, and electrical discharge
from the batterry source.  Her body was undergoing low-grade electrocution on a daily
basis.  I told her mother that she would walk again and by Christmas of that year.  They
needed to give me at least 6 months, the same amount of time she deteriorated after
the surgeries.  She was a difficult case and I had help from two other DO's.  In three
months she walked.  While we were making house calls, the family did not trust me
enough (I did not have these treatment photos and had some difficulty explaining
osteopathy myself). Every week they picked her up and wheeled her to 2 other MD
offices.  MS is a MD internist in our community.  I called him up and told him I was
making house calls to treat her.  When she walked, he had the nerve to tell her that it
was a MIRACLE; that she walked because she had FAITH.  Think about it.  Two years
of declining function.  She saw, by now, 9 MD’s, 3 types of physical therapy, pain
masseuse, aquatherapy, acupuncture, 3 back surgeries, 1 implanted device (that I
turned off).  She meets DO’s and in 3 months she walks and it is a MIRACLE.  Because
of his interference, they continue to search for more 'miracles' and is currently with
another MD who is searching for an infectious cause for what is clearly multiple layers
of physical trauma.
The "miracle" case