Fast Crash Program
Every woman has in her closet old clothes, favorite items, or designer pieces that she refuses to give away or toss simply because
pregnancy caused her chest wall and ribs to expand. In fact, pregnancy is a repetitive stress injury caused by fluid expansion in all the
tissues of the female framework – muscles, ligaments, tendon and bone.

Fast Crash is a program that I developed for myself after a disappointing trip to Nordstrom. I was finally going to treat myself to some new
clothes after 4 years of pregnancy and 2 kids. I discovered, to my shock and horror, my shirt size had expanded to a LARGE! I walked away
disgusted and refused to buy new clothes in a new larger size. This was not going to be me, for the rest of my life! I’m 5’4,” a large size top
would not look right on my small/medium hips!  I am not buying a whole new wardrobe.  In a smaller size, yes, but not in a larger size! No
woman would want to do that! I wallowed in self pity and distress for a couple of months. I was determined to find an answer…

What I discovered is that a woman’s body is capable of some recovery no matter how long ago the pregnancies. As long as there is breath
in the body a return to normal is what it wants. It does not want this excess gravitational work load that exaggerates…aging.

Within a month, I was back to my old pre-pregnant clothes. I could zip up old dresses and clothes fit perfectly at the shoulders. I could even
fit into my old bras! Recently, I was Pediatric Allergy Guest Speaker for the American Academy of Osteopathic Family Practice Physicians
2012 Conference and I was able to wear my beautiful designer suits again!  

Fast Crash is a non-surgical, non-invasive, muscular treatment program intended to return a woman to her pre-pregnant body, or at least
start the process.

After pregnancy a single workout at the gym does not show immediate results because the muscles in every part of our body, even in
between the ribs, are stretched out to a NEW RESTING LENGTH. The work that has to be done to get the old muscles back on a new set
point is double the work! The stretch in every inch of tissue from fluid expansion and overload, in some parts of the body is minimal and in
the abdomen it is drastic.  When you are young the elasticity of tissues will recoil back to about 90% after delivery.  As we age, we lose
some of that ability for elastic recoil in the tissues.  That residual difference, at each and every tissue level may be minimal.   Cumulatively,
however, it eventually takes its toll, in the way a snowflake becomes a snowball: early on, in small doses, it is innocuous; later in larger
dose, it becomes significant.  No matter how hard you work out.  No matter how well or little you eat…it is never enough.  You cannot seem
to get the results you want.  Year after year, the weight piles on and you can’t seem to shed the pounds as easily as you used to.

I tell patients, “Do not buy new clothes.  Hold onto your designer pieces.  Do not work out yet.  This will be the beginning of your

No man or woman is going to maintain a workout regimen without seeing some results.  You will feel changes in your body during the visit
and see results the minute you walk out.

On your first visit, I will evaluate you: do a comprehensive medical history, physical exam and render an osteopathic muscle manipulation
treatment.  You will be given full instruction on the methods and theory of Fast Crash.  Your osteopathic treatment will have you feeling
lighter and muscular tensions will be reduced.

You will come back for your second visit, “Crashed.”  You will look terrible, feel horrible, but a little bit trimmer and warmer because your
metabolic engine will be fired up.  I will rescue you and pull you out of the burning car.  You will sleep it off and come back for more.

By your third visit, you will already see return on investment (ROI).  Your clothes will be looser.  Family and friends will see the difference.  

After her second visit, my first Fast Crash patient reported that her libido had returned.  She was the one who initiated and she was
chasing him around the house!  [Men, you might want to gift Fast Crash to your woman for her birthday, for Christmas; sure beats a
vacuum cleaner.]  Kim is in her 40’s, her teenage son noticed that she looked slimmer.  Her muscles were tighter, because the tissues in
her body started to recoil to their original pre-pregnant resting length from 16 years ago.  I Fast Crashed  my best friend, another
pediatrician, and she had a sex dream that night!  How does it increase libido, she asked?  Reproductive urges are a reflection of animal’
s health state; a return of the sex drive is a return to well being.

Fast Crash provides the incentive to change your whole diet and lifestyle by resetting all the muscles to their original resting length before
you embark on your exercise regimen.  I get the process started and give you enough results so that you can start your transformation.

Program Cost (as of 9/1/2012)
Elective program not covered by insurance.  Prices subject to change as the process is refined.

Fast Crash      $3,000.00  for 6 visits.  Each woman Crashes differently.

VIP Fast Crash   $8,000.00  (includes face work, lifting the boobs, neck and jawline, as well as skin and hair evaluation). As we age, and
after pregnancy, the bony facial structures are dragged down and elongated by the strap muscles of the neck.  VIP Fast Crash, facework,
resets those bony and muscular relationships.

Fast Crash for Men:  works for men too! men sag and drag as a consequence of aging, prior weight gain/loss, the beer gut; men don't
crash as hard.

Since its inception 1 month ago, the early results are in.  About 90% of premenopausal women increase their metabolism (as reflected in
body temperature, increased urine output) and have a return of their libido in the form of sex dreams and receptivity of male advances.  
Women with other medical conditions require more time.  All report slimmer appearance, compliments from others within 1-2 visits all
without additional gym workouts (although gym workouts will take you farther out longer).  Every single patient, men and women, feels a
more effective muscular contraction within minutes of several isolated contractions.

Dr. Hoang:  I was my first case I experimented on.  When I crash, I crash hard.  It is horrible.  I get constipated.  It is so important to have a
satisfying muscular evacuation on a daily basis.  But everything feels so tight and pulled up and held together.  Even with that I am
addicted to crashing myself.  I am 42 years old.  People tell me I look 35.  I feel 25.  I feel like my body never went through 2 pregnancies
and 20 months of an insidious repetitive stress injury.  I am even slimmer now in my frame, chest and hips than when I was in college;
mind you, in college, all I did was eat and study, so I went through a fat period (my tops were size 10 and pants a size 10).  I am working
towards my high school body.  In fact, I tested out a crazy theory of "virginal hips."   It did not pan out.  I crashed hard and it was painfully
uncomfortable.  I bargained with God and promised never to try that again...I have been crashing myself weekly for about 3 months and
finally my husband pipes up...initially when I started doing this I asked him what he thought.  He responded that I was "obsessed" with my
looks and that he would love my no matter how I looked as we grew old together.  I said, "Yeah, right...your supposed to say that.  But what
if, like every other woman out there, I happened to age quickly and started looking like a grandmother...that's why some guys philander...
one day the person they married no longer looks that great...Three months later, I am crazy addicted and he says out of nowhere, "Honey,
whatever your doing, keep doing it because it is working."  Great opening.  I practically pounced and metaphorically grabbed his lapels and
wrung this exchange out of him:
     Me:  How do you know its working?
     Him:  ...the sex...
     Me:  What about the sex?
     Him:  ...its better...
     Me:  In what way is it better?
     Him: don't hurt like you used to...(and we are having more of it)

Kathy:  Kathy is 56 years old and has been my patient for a while as I was treating some other medical conditions.  She also has a slew of
other MD specialists she sees.  She recently took a resistance band exercise class at her local gym.  She loves the way it makes her feel.  
For a whole month I watch for physical changes and transformation of her body; results...she still looks flabby and out of shape.  
So we Fast Crashed her.  I told her to continue her classes.  By her second Crash, she looks like she lost 10lbs, she is slimmer and...she
had a sex dream (which was not acted upon, she giggles and will have me know!)

Kit: Kit had 3 kids in the last 9 years.  She said that men used to look at her.  They used to describe her as "hot."  Now she can't stand to
look in the mirror.  She bounced back after the first and second baby but after the third, every thing she eats goes to the belly.  She has
changed her diet, she eats like "a rabbit" but it doesn't help her lose the weight.  In her first visit she said that I took off 1 whole years worth
of weight gain.  Her husband bought her a gym membership but she has not yet worked out.  People told her she looked like she lost
15lbs.  She really only lost 2 lbs, but her clothes are looser and she feels slimmer.  By her third visit, she had so much energy that at the
end of a long day at Sea World she was able to carry her 8 year old daughter on her back.  When they got home, she had enough energy to
go to the gym.  photos and video pending...

Final Thoughts:
I worked to develop Fast Crash for purely selfish and superficial reasons for myself.  It was never intended for anyone else.  I did not go to
medical school to help people enjoy and have more sex, take more birth control, have unwanted pregnancies, etc.  Every woman I talk to
has the same issues I went through.  As I started Crashing my women patients, we shared the same problems, issues, distress and as
we got instantaneous results we shared laughs, joy, and hope...In every animal, in its most natural state, reproductive capacity and urges
are reflections of that animal's health.  As it ages, the capacity diminishes.  When my patients have sex dreams, even the menopausal
ones, it means that we have turned back the clock on aging.  Plastic surgery corrects the shell.  Fast Crash corrects the structural and
metabolic core functions.  It is therefore, best to Fast Crash before any surgical procedure.  I want to share this with all women, for