Kathleen Baker came to
me tearful and in
tremendous pain.  She
has consented to
videotape and document
her treatment responses.  

In this video clip, she
describes her response
after the first treatment.

One week later, she is
describing her response
to her 2nd treatment.

Here, she is describing
her response to her 4th
visit.  Patients in the
process of recovering
their health early on
always think that the pain
will come back, that they
will never get better...
Endometriosis - chronic back, neck, leg pains
Significant improvemt on
eighth visit.
Other improvemts on
ninth visit.
As of April 21, 2009,
Kathy has had 11 visits
total. Since, "turning the
corner," I don't tell her
when to come back
anymore.  She knows
when she needs a
treatment.  I talked to her
the other day, she said
she felt her hip pinch.  
She thought she was
going to have to come in  
and then it went away.
Sasi had a fibroid,
fibromyalgia; after 39
visits, she is 70% better.

Her story is on the
chronic pain page with
the adult photos.