I came back from a DO
conference and I taped
this test, just to see if I
could see and
document a difference.  
We tested David's
equilibrium before his
treatment on this visit,
his 13th visit. His jaw is
deviated to the right.  
The rest of his body will
His perception
of his "self" in space is
as distorted as his jaw.
With his eyes closed,
David does not have
visual cues to orient
him in space and his
equilibrium is disturbed.
Note that he starts to
drift to his right and
almost runs into my

Forty minutes later,
after cranial, face, and
jaw treatment, his R jaw
is softer and is starting
to shift back towards
center; we rechecked
his balance and he
appears more stable.  
As he walks, listen
carefully as  we both
are surprised at his
stability.  At the time, I
did not anticipate ever
using this publicly
because I, myself, did
not believe that we
would get such  great
David - his equilibrium is as distorted as his jaw