Vertebral Compression Fracture, Neck Pain, Back Pain

Cheryl is a 35 yr old woman who found me from a friend's referral.  She had been
going to our local pain management MD for 3yrs for neck and back pain, and to inject
a ‘facet’ in her back.  In the last 6months she started to develop leg pain.  She went to
a local surgeon.  He did a test for blood clots, which were negative.  He ordered an
MRI.  She never went back to him because she felt he acted as if she was seeking
narcotics from him.  I got the results and she was starting to develop a herniation in
her disc (which explains the leg pain).  At the spot on her back where she was getting
steroid injections, she had a COMPRESSION FRACTURE.  When I gave her the news,
she cried.  She was happy to have a broken bone in her back, because it was real
and she and her pain were validated. She had seen a chiropractor once for her neck
pain.  This person did not warn her and did a fast ‘crack.’  She had more pain going
out of that office than coming in.  The chiropractor said to her when she complained
about the pain, “Well, that wasn’t supposed to hurt.”  ????!!!!  It took 5 sessions over
the course of 1.5months and she is now off narcotics.  I just shake my head when I
think about this poor woman and what she has been through.  Total visits: 5