Chronic Pain
David has had chronic headaches, neck pain and back pain x15yrs.  He has tried everything from physical therapy,
massage, prolotherapy, acupuncture, steroid injections.  He estimates that, over the years, he spent more than $30,000
searching for results.  Only OMT has help him return to 90%.  Note that prior to treatment, on the far left, his jaw is
deviated to his R.  Forty minutes after the tx, the R jawline is softer.  One wk later, his jaw is more symmetrical. Total
visits:  28 over the course of 1.5yrs  He spent $6,000 with me.  What a deal for his freedom.  
Structure and function are two sides of the same coin.  Altered structures alter function.  Patients with chronic
pain are locked in their physical strains.  Their facial features show it.  The rest of their body follows.
Tony had an 8mm disc herniation to his L4 vertebrae 7yrs ago.  Surgeons did a diskectomy (shaving it) and last year he
had the same procedure repeated when the symptoms came back.  He is shorter by 1inch because of the surgeries.  He
came for treatment because he had 2wks of “excruciating bone-on-bone” back pain.  He was told that he might need a
3rd surgery. Before treatment, his R brow and hairline is angled downward; the R cheek and face are smaller.  One hr
later his face is fuller and the R brow and hairline is more raised. On his 3rd and final visit, his face is more symmetrical.  
His pain has completely resolved.  The bottom R jaw will eventually even out.  Tony is one of my biggest fans because he
still refers patients to me.  He thinks OMT is "amazing."  I figured out his primary strain on the first visit and was able to
prove to it to him on his 2nd visit.  Total visits: 3, total cost  $400  very cost effective, the price of his freedom -cheap.
Mary has headaches & clicking jaw (TMJ) x10yrs. Mary
found me because three of her co-workers (ICU nurses
from our local hospital) benefitted from OMT.  Her face &
jaw are shifted to the left.  Ten minutes after cranial face
and jaw work, she is more symmetrical.  She only needed
about 4 visits.
Kathy has chronic R sinus headaches and neck pain.
Putting her hair in a ponytail or wearing a towel over her
could not comprehend and consequently brushed off); All
her symptoms resolved w/treatment. Note her R face and
cheek are smaller and compressed before treatment.  One
hour later her face is fuller and symmetrical.  kathy has
been on Synthroid x 10yrs b/c her endocrinologist told her
her thyroid was 'dead.'  When I first met her I told her that,
theoretically, treating her head and neck should someday,
'wake up her thyroid.'  1.5 yrs later, she is on bioidentical
hormones and her synthroid. Her thyroid ultrasound found
"inflammation."  Her regular ENDO doc insists she stay on
100mcg of synthroid.  She, her bioidentical doctor and I, all
agree to ignore the other doctor.  
Malissa had cervical fusion surgery 6yrs ago for numbness
& tingling in both her arms and hands.  Those symptoms are
back x1yr.  One hr later, she is able to sit up straighter.  
Four visits resolved the tingling.
Susan has kyphosis
of her upper back
since high school.
Surgeons offered to
“straighten” her.  
After 1 hr, she is
able to sit up
straighter.  Note
how her upper back
is less rounded.
On this visit, her
back.  It took
only several
minutes to
correct.  The
remaining 95%
of the visit was
spent on
treating the
Closed Case Histories
Susan started to have spasms in her arm and legs.  We are leaving her
structure alone for now.  She has lived with her kyphosis for 30 years, her
body is not tolerating these abrupt changes.
The 'stroke' case
This is Rita.  She came to me because Tony referred her.  Rita had painful knees.  The surgeon did the L knee first with plans for
operating on the R knee following her recovery.  She did not recover well.  The sutures popped open before she completely healed and
she was still in pain afterwards.  Rita has had multiple dental procedures, R eye migraines, hair loss and panic attacks.  In the first photo
(left), her R face is completely caved in.  I was afraid to do too much and stopped here (2nd photo, right).  Within a few minutes, she had a
panic attack and we had to stop.  She went to the restroom and took a break, assisted by her daughter.  In discussion, we agreed to going
all the way and proceed to max out the treatment and let me do 'more.'  She was paying cash and wanted 'bang for her buck.'  

Upon leaving, her daughter thought Rita's face was changing.  That evening with her husband, she felt as if her R eyeball was "popping
out." [ Her right face is widening and filling out and her eye is balancing out; it has been compressed for so long that filling out to normal
feels abnormal].   After this first visit, her knees no longer bother her.  
Rita returns for
2 more visits
because she
was sleeping
better, had
more energy
weight around
her middle
without doing
much more than
her usual
walking.   Total
visits: 3, total
cost  $700
Follow Toby (who is a skeptic) as he documents his journey through treatments
The 1st is a pre-visit video:
The 2nd is a day after video:
My philosophy on chronic pain is simply this:
1.) treat the pain, resolve it, and the depression lifts without antidepressants.   
2.) I will do what needs to be done to get results.  
3.) In my world, whoever gets results, gets to tell the patient what caused their problem.
Neck Pain