Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arm and Shoulder Pain

Loretta had been dealing with neck, back, and arm pains for the last 4 years.  
She had a nerve conduction test by a local neurologist and he sent her to an
orthopedic surgeon.  They both agreed that she needed surgery for both her
hands because she had carpal tunnel syndrome.  She waited for 2 hours to
see the specialist.  When he came into the exam room, he looked at her chart,
did not exam her and told her she needed surgery.  She heard about me from
a friend.  She saw me that same day and she got 10% relief of her pain.  She
continued with me for the next six weeks.  At the end, the wrist swelling
resolved completely on the left, the right hand still had about 5% swelling and
tenderness.  Hair and veins returned to her hands, she breathed better, her
neck and back pain resolved.  She tells me that when she called to cancel the
appointment for surgery, she told them that she was going to try something
“different.”  They told her to give them a call when nothing worked and she
decided to come back.  She has not returned to them.  Total visits: 4