My ideal for a healthy child is one of ease.  They should nurse and breastfeed out to at least 6 months.  
They should nap, sleep and wake up happy.  They should poop and pee.  They should go out into the
world and explore.   

As a general pediatrician:

I consider my Holistic, Integrative Pediatric Practice to be a middle road between the standard of care
conventional medical practice and alternative supportive practices.  I use medicines when we need to, I
have a delayed vaccine schedule (some of my families don't even want to do vaccines at all), I also use
homeopathy to support kids with their symptoms.  I use osteopathy for those kids with chronic medical
issues and the meds just don't work.

Here are some thoughts on the most common questions parents ask on Pediatric Wellness and specific

Vaginal Birth vs. CS vs. VBAC: Most of the mommies in my practice aim for a natural childbirth. To help
facilitate that, I am all for hypnotherapy, home births, birth centers, Bradley method, immediate latching
and nursing, and rooming in.  Some mommies physically can not do it - what I am seeing is that the
mommies who cannot, should not feel guilty about it, primarily because their body
won't allow it.  Mommies
who "Fail to Progress" where the baby "stays high" is really a warning that previous pelvic trauma (falls to
the buttocks, car accidents from long ago) leave the deep pelvic muscles chronically in spasm and they
are unable to go through stages of relaxation to pass the baby.  Feel no guilt...sometimes C-sections are

Colic:  screaming, crying and fussing is pain.  Most doctors will say your child will outgrow it and wave your
concerns away.  Yes, you are correct.  Let's find out why your child is constantly crying.

Allergies and Chronic Congestion:  The child's airway is much smaller than an older child or adult so food
or respiratory irritants that make a little bit of congestion will plug up the airway quicker, much worse and
more chronically than an older child or adult.  I use the safest, oldest, over-the-counter medicines,
occasional prescriptions, homeopathics and cranial osteopathy to calm everything down until they grow
out and enlarge the airway on their own.

Chronic Ear Infections: allergies and chronic congestion, untreated will lead to chronic ear infections.  In
the early stages, if all our strategies (see above) reduces the episodes of infections, we are buying time
so that we can hold off on the ear tubes.  Some cases are just so bad, no matter how many supportive
measures we take, sometimes they still need the help of the ear tubes.

Chiropractic "Wellness Adjustments" :  this is as risky a  practice as surgery or general anesthesia in that
everything that is done to a body has risks and consequences.  It is riskier, maybe even dangerous
because there are no clinical trials to prove the claims made and even worse, no longer term studies to
gauge the outcome in children later.  I see the later effects clinically.  All it takes is one bad adjustment.  
How can a parent know? The nervous system is still unformed, how do we know ?  Adults can walk away.  
Children can't tell their parents to walk away.  Surgeons clean up "botched" surgeries all the time.  I clean
up the "botched" adjustments.  
It is permanent damage. Children adjusted as infants are condemned to
grow up and live a life in a body that does not cooperate.  I see older children now with different problems
not easily identified by MD pediatricians.  I also see adults with chronic pain not alleviated by medicines
and procedures and not easily identified by MDs who have had "years" of chiropractic. It takes me 3 times
as long to recover the adults.  It takes me 5 times as long to recover the babies so that they are
somewhat "normal."  I am currently working on a major big-bang treatise (with my lawyer) on how and why
chiropractic in children is so insidious.  It will be updated and announced here.

Craniosacral Therapy: same as above.

The Medically Complicated Patient: have no fear, you are welcome here. You and your family will have
the best of both worlds...the safety of a conventionally trained pediatrician with a network of pediatric
specialists in the community and the common sense tailored approach using alternatives based on your
special family needs.

Autism and Vaccines:  Although I do not believe that the MMR causes or is directly responsible for autism,
I feel that it is the second or third factor that contributes; read my big bang theory that Autism is Traumatic
Brain Injury.  If you have any concerns about your child, I would like to hear those reasons.  I will support
your decision to not vaccinate if mom can breastfeed at least out to 6 months.  Read the lastest post on
my blog regarding this issue

Pediatric Holistic Health & Wellness
This child had "wellness adjustments" several days after she was
born.  She continued with these visits throughout her first month of
life even though she was perfectly fine and did not have any medical
problems.  How do I know that this is the long term outcome of those
chiropractic visits?
I found a neck spasm the size of a tennis ball on the right side.  It
took four cranial OMT visits to calm the spasm and soften the
tensions around the eyeball.  She had tightness in the bony spine
from head to the tip of her tailbone.  She will continue to have
numerous problems throughout her life.