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Now available:  Case Files of the Osteopathic Physician: Stories of Healing
from A to Z.  $9.99

With this book, I hope to show people, patients, parents on a case by case basis how and why the CMS
(conventional medical system) can fail.  The twist is the osteopathic mechanical take on disease. So often, once
patients get a label, a biochemical, pharmaceutical approach is thrown at them, with the intent of lifetime use and
dependence.  Generally, getting to the root of the problem, its primary cause is never addressed, so that the
patient never returns to health, continues to need pills, tests, more unending doctor visits, interminable
dependence on it, the CMS.  When cases fail, a different look or tailored approach can often be productive.  
Cases of disease caused primarily by a trauma can be cured by a mechanical approach.  Often, patients tell me,
"I was never the same after that accident."  And these patients are
always right.  Our bodies only cope with a
trauma and it only appears as if we have recovered.   Years later as the body wears down, the traumatic strain
shows itself and the patient hurts or gets sick.  At the end of each disease case, I disclose how many visits it took
to resolve that specific problem for that patient.

Coming Soon:

Journey of An Osteopathic Physician $9.99
In this book, I share my path of discovery to this calling.  I am still profoundly moved by the experiences of this
human life and the amazing life forces, and energies existing and adapting in the dynamic body.  I have to keep
account lest I forget  and lose my excitement and joy of these very real moments of acknowledging the energetics
of our living biological system. I have come to terms and acceptance of the fact that we are Soul and Spirit.              

A Sea of Alternatives: The Case for the Supremacy of Osteopathy  $9.99

Case Files of the Osteopathic Physician, Part II,Severe Disease: Stories of
Healing from A to Z.  $9.99

Orthopedic Problems in Children

Fetal Injuries